January 22, 2022

Arkansas Methodist Family Health Care

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Arkansas Methodist Family Health Care

Arkansas Methodist Family Health Care

Methodist Family Health Care prides itself on its dedication to service to our communities and
providing comprehensive services for our families. The Mission Statement of the Foundation is “To
Provide superior healthcare, educational and behavioral health services to families in the
Protestant community”. The Hospice is a faith-based organization which offers the highest level of
medical care for those who suffer with terminal illness, dementia or other life challenges.

The hospital provides comprehensive inpatient care and residential nursing care as well as
hospice care for those suffering with an incurable condition. They offer specialty departments for
children, adolescents and families. There are four hospitals in Pennsylvania dedicated to the care
of children. They are located at Hazleton City, Bloomfield City, Springfield City, and York City. The
methodist family health system also offers school-based counseling services for all who have an
ASD or developmental disabilities. These school-based counseling services provide individual and
family education and referral programs.
Services provided by the Methodist include pediatric, specialty departments, adult day care,
specialty clinics, emergency care, skilled nursing care, home health aides and hospice care.
Services received from the methodist family health system include licensed nursing and adult day
care on a full-time basis for those residents who need it. The nursing care provided is world class
and includes licensed practical nursing, registered nursing, non-skilled nursing, and licensed
vocational nurses. Many individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities have found relief
from the many services that the Methodist provides. The Autism Resource Center was established
as a response to the need for additional support for families experiencing a loved one’s first
experience with an ASD.
There are several providers of inpatient services in the state of Arkansas. Some of the more
popular providers of outpatient services are the Family Care Center of Little Rock, Arkansas;
Family Health Centers in Little Rock and Memphis, Arkansas; PACE Healthcare in Little Rock and
Corinth, Georgia; Comfort Care in Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas; St. Joseph’s Healthcare
in Little Rock and Russellville, Georgia. PACE, or Proven Alternative Cognitive Therapy, is offered
by several providers in the state of Arkansas. This program is considered a specialty care
program. The goal of this program is to provide individuals with a variety of approaches to improve
communication skills, social skills, self-esteem, cognitive functioning, and mood disorders.
There are several other providers of services in the state of Arkansas. Two of the most popular
providers of inpatient services are the Family Affiliate Health Care System in Little Rock and
Russellville. The Russellville location serves the people of Russell County and the entire eastern
half of the state. The Family Affiliate Health Care System provides twenty-eight different inpatient
care options including inpatient detox, inpatient daycare, inpatient home care, and hospice care. In
addition, they offer three acute care services including an urgent care center, a chronic disease
treatment center, and a specialty surgery center.
Two other excellent providers of outpatient services in the state of Arkansas are the Arkansas
Department of Health and Human Services and the Arkansas Department of Community Health.
They also offer a wide range of non-outpatient services including case management, crisis
intervention, and social skill-building activities for parents and caregivers. They offer both short term inpatient care and long-term residential care. In the long-term care programs, they offer
skilled nursing care to families with individuals or entire families suffering from mental health
conditions including bipolar disorder, anxiety, developmental disabilities, schizophrenia, and post
traumatic stress disorder. In the case manager programs, case managers assess and treat the
most complex cases of neglect, abuse, and other serious social problems. Professionals employed
by these two system providers are trained to deal with children of different ages ranging from
newborns to teens and young adults.
The Arkansas Methodist Family Health System prides itself on providing quality patient care, and
this philosophy has been adopted by its residents and staff. According to the Family Affiliate
website, their residents “are committed to excellence and quality care by providing state of the art
resources and skilled staff to meet the unique needs of all”. They provide state of the art
information and tools to families experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges. One methodist
family health center in Little Rock is accredited through the Arkansas Department of Health and
Human Services.
Many families have found that attending one of the Arkansas Methodist Family Health Centers can
help them to restore balance to their lives. One such example is the Storybook Home, which is
provided by the Family Affiliate health system. Staff members provide education about drugs and
alcohol abuse, and how they affect the family. They also encourage parents to seek treatment for
their child, as it is a necessary step in battling drug and alcohol addiction. One of the most
common behavioral health problems experienced by families in the ARK methodist behavioral
hospital is anxiety and/or depression. Staff members provide information on how to deal with these

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