December 1, 2021

Getting a Clean Bill of Health

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Getting a Clean Bill of Health

Getting a Clean Bill of Health

We hear the term “clean bill of health” often these days but what does it really mean? We all
want to believe that when we reach our old age or once we become disabled that we will not
suffer from any of the chronic illnesses that are on the rise. However, the reality is that
somewhere there is a line drawn where we can be diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness
and this often brings with it the fear of death. The challenge here is for us to have a good clean
bill of health, which is equivalent to the best you can do for yourself.
At times we assume that someone else is doing it for us and we wonder what they may be using
to clean up their act. The first thing to do is to go through your medical records and make a list of
the things that you would like to improve with your health. Are there certain medications or
illnesses which you believe you could do without? If so, start researching the different herbs that
can help you on your road to recovery. This is the best place to start!
You might also like to start researching into the popular clean bill of health herbs and how they
might benefit you. What about the properties of various plants? For example, Valerian root has
been used for many years to help improve the brain function and to give a general sense of well
being. Stinging nettle has been used for a wide range of ailments and can help to lower blood
pressure and cholesterol. Garlic and ginger are both wonderful for helping us to keep fit and
healthy and to cleanse the system as well.
The next area is to focus on your diet and the impact that you are making on your health. It is
important to understand all the ingredients that go into the making of a healthy diet. Are there
foods that should be avoided? There are some surprising facts that come to light when you learn
just what goes into the average dish.
Do you know that most of your favorite recipes use ingredients with which you are unfamiliar?
How often have you heard someone profess that the dish they are eating will make them sick if
they eat it? This is called the “folk belief” and it is all too common these days. This type of
thinking needs to be challenged. Even though eating garlic may make you sick sometimes, it is
not dangerous in large quantities. Just remember that any food can be eaten in large quantities
as long as you don’t exceed the recommended daily intake!
Another area that needs clearing up is with regard to stress. A clean bill of health cannot be
maintained unless there is a happy emotional state. There is no way to get around this one.
Some people will say that being happy makes us healthier. They are right! However, happiness
must be balanced by a clean bill of health so that you can feel good about yourself and not
become too stressed out.
It can be very easy to spend money on things such as health supplements when you are first
diagnosed with a condition. However, this is not a good idea because many of the medications
on the market today are extremely expensive! Before you spend a lot of money on a
supplement, try researching the effectiveness of other herbs and vitamins for your specific health
issues. You may be surprised at how much of a difference some of the lesser known herbs and
vitamins can make.
While you are working towards achieving a clean bill of health, you should also work on
improving your social life. Yes, the social life of a person can impact their health positively or
negatively. Therefore, you need to establish healthy relationships within your workplace, with
friends and family, among your co-workers. If you can do this successfully, then you can look
forward to many more years of healthy living!

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