December 1, 2021

Health Care Services Offered by the Crossings River Health Care Center

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Health Care Services Offered by the Crossings River Health Care Center

Health Care Services Offered by the
Crossings River Health Care Center

Crossing Rivers Health is a leading independent provider of healthcare services offering
southeast and northwest Iowa access to over 100 qualified services. Services offered include
dental care, primary care, prescription medicine, vision care, dental prevention and care, mental
health and family services. A full range of services are available through this leading provider of
healthcare in south-eastern Wisconsin and north-west Iowa. Services are scheduled for those
with no dental coverage or who have only temporary or intermittent coverage. No referral fees
apply to inpatient care.
The mission of the Crossings River Health Care facility is to provide excellent healthcare from a
holistic perspective. That is why they offer comprehensive community health center services to
their patients, many of whom live throughout southwest Wisconsin and northwest Iowa. This
care is provided by fully trained and experienced staff, who have provided training in nutrition
and fitness management and are committed to offering their clients the very best care possible.
Services are scheduled for individuals with no prior dental or medical coverage and may be
limited based on current or ongoing medical conditions.
All services provided by the Crossings River Health Care facility are provided without referral
fees. Some procedures are covered, and at times the cost of treatment is partially or completely
paid for by the patient’s insurance. Inpatient care is scheduled for adults, children, teenagers and
families with children or adults. Inpatient services are available seven days a week and can be
given on a walk-in basis. Many services are offered on an outpatient basis and can be given no
more than one time. All services are coordinated by fully trained and experienced specialists
who work closely with your primary care physician.
The comprehensive community health center provides preventative medical care for adults,
children, teens and families, as well as intensive therapy in many cases. Services are available
twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Pediatric, mental health, cardiac care and surgical
services are covered, along with a full array of complementary care services. You will find a full
list of services below.
When you meet with the Crossings River Health Care team, you’ll be able to look forward to
receiving the highest level of medical care. Your doctor will review your current medical and
dental history before making a referral to the Crossings River Health Care clinic. Your primary
care physician will then meet with the team to make sure that you meet all of their needs. Once
your care has been provided, you’ll be sent home to live throughout southwest Wisconsin or
northwest Iowa.
If you live in the area near Stuttgart, you may have a bit of extra trouble meeting the care
requirements of the Crossings River Health Care clinic. This is due to the limited number of
available paid staff members. Fortunately, the comprehensive community health center does
have funding to hire emergency staff in case of a medical crisis situation. If you have a medical
condition that needs attention, you should consider making an appointment with the Crossings
River Community Health Center.
Crossing rivers is home to several recreation centers. The regional leisure complex offers
several restaurants, discos and bars. The Cedar Point Amusement Park offers numerous
amusement and water rides. There’s also the community recreation center, which offers indoor
baseball and bowling facilities. Adults can take part in the indoor kids’ playground.
Families with small children can enjoy a variety of programs designed to ensure that their
children have access to high quality healthcare. Several holistic care and early childhood
development clinics offer child care, as well as immunizations and vitamins. The Crossings River
Health Care comprehensive community health center has several full-time daycare specialists to
care for infants and toddlers while you’re at work. If you need better healthcare assistance, you
should make an appointment to speak with a Crossings River Health Care representative

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