January 22, 2022

Methodsist Family Health Care

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Methodsist Family Health Care

Methodsist Family Health Care


Methodist Family Services serves the orphans and homeless children of Christ Scientist
denomination throughout the state of Arkansas. Established in 1999, the mission of this nonprofit organization is “providing a warm and welcoming community environment for those that
are homeless or in need.” Plans for this center include bible studies and social services for all the
Arkansas counties and children which are vulnerable and abused.
The mission of the society of Christ scientist is to “promote the basic fundamental principles of
Christ’s teachings, improve the life experience of all people, and build a world where the cycle of
happiness and sadness is interrupted by the sense of deprivation and hopelessness.” The
methodist family health centers in Arkansas have various settings and services according to the
age group and developmental needs. The therapeutic and educational programs are for
emotionally disturbed children, adolescents and adults with mental illness. The services also
include alcohol and drug abuse treatment, working with addicts at home and in their
communities, intensive outpatient services, elder care, home and community care, and case
management among many others. For more details you may contact the state board of directors
for more information.
The Arkansas Methodist Family Health centers in Little Rock cover all areas of the state. The
capital city of Little Rock has several center locations. One is the Family Crisis Center located at
Broadway St. Mary’s Church and is accessible twenty-four hours a day. It offers a complete
range of psychiatric, medical, dental and financial services to its residents who require their
services. Other centers are located in the towns of Little Rock, Springdale, Fayetteville,
Montague and Chicago.
Residential treatment centers for mentally ill people are other specialty centers such as the
Folsom Youth Center located in Folsom, Ark., which provides residential treatment, 24 hour
monitoring services, medical and surgical consultation, and psychological services to young
adults with a variety of mental health problems. They have a fully licensed psychotherapist and a
licensed registered nurse on staff. The residential treatment centers offer various methods of
treating such as inpatient programs, community-based or family-based care, short-stay or longstay rehabilitation programs and outpatient services. There are also residential treatment centers
that provide short-term inpatient care for people who have a history of substance abuse and who
have been convicted of violent crime.
The Arkansas Methodist Family Health Care system provides treatment for adults and children.
The philosophy of the organization is based on the belief that “no disease or illness is
contagious. A person is infected only by his association with a disease.” They offer treatment
that is focused on prevention, early intervention and comprehensive management. The Arkansas
Methodist provides prevention services that focus on promoting a lifestyle that eliminates the
risks factors for exposure to preventable diseases, while at the same time, teaching their clients
how to manage their emotional and physical needs.
The main emphasis of the methodist family health care system is early intervention and
prevention. Early intervention is achieved through screening and diagnostic testing,
comprehensive social work services, educational counseling services, and vocational training in
various job related skills. The therapeutic day treatment centers also perform a clinical skillbuilding activity to build the competency of the methodist staff members in a variety of
behavioral and life skills required for them to provide quality and effective primary and specialty
care. There are also schools where they teach life skills such as self-defense, anger
management, and problem solving skills to the students who enroll. The purpose of the schools
is to build a community that surrounds the methodist that encourages people to become
responsible for their health and well-being and contributes to the social well-being of others.
In the community, the methodist family health system provides primary and specialty care for
individuals, families, children, adolescents, and couples, while at the same time, preparing the
individual for recovery through in-service and case management services. The system works by
integrating health care and mental health services so that treatment can be provided for all
individuals, regardless of their comorbidities, who require integrated care. There are a wide
range of professional specialties that fall under the field of mental health, including licensed
counselors and therapists, licensed developmental and mental health therapists, licensed
psychotherapists, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and certified clinical social workers.
Some of these professionals are board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, licensed
psychologists, licensed public health specialists, licensed social workers, and certified nursing
Family services also include intensive therapy sessions, individual and group homes, residential
treatment settings, and community activities. In the state of Arkansas, there are two types of
centers: inpatient and out patient. Outpatient care is often provided by private, community or
government agencies. Inpatient care is usually provided by hospitals or other long-term care
facilities in the state. Both types of care have different service models and different levels of
support. The most common services provided are intensive therapy and respite services, adult
day programs, and respite care

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