January 22, 2022

Services Offered By the Hernando County Health Department

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County Health Department

Services Offered By the Hernando County
Health Department

The mission of the Hernando County Health Department is to promote healthy living. Its services
range from immunizations to flu and pneumonia prevention, diabetes management, and referrals
to various medical specialists. In addition, they provide information on weight loss and nutrition,
screenings for serious illnesses, and domestic violence. They also coordinate visits to doctors
and nurses for individuals who require special care. They publish a calendar detailing all
upcoming events, as well as an online version. Both are free to access.
The Hernanda County Health Department accepts children up to the age of 12 when their first
teeth emerge (usually around six months old). At that time, they will be screened for cavities,
molds, infections, ear infections and other diseases. Once those issues have been detected, the
patient will be referred for specialist care. At that time, children will either be treated by a family
doctor, or an area dentist. If a pediatrician is not available in the area, an pediatric dentist may
be used. The health department will make referrals to those dentists once their needs have
been assessed.
Adults will be referred for routine checkups and dental cleanings. These can be done at the
community clinic, at a participating dentist office, or in a private dental office. Those who
participate in the health department’s Healthy Lifestyle program will be encouraged to regularly
maintain a dentist appointment, visit the health department for preventive care, and to report any
major health issues they may experience. Children enrolled in the program will also be
encouraged to visit a primary care physician for routine checkups and will receive a unique
health card number each year. This card will allow them to visit a primary care physician when
needed, but only one at a given time.
Adults who need additional care will be referred to an area pediatrician. The pediatricians in the
area have relationships with local primary care physicians and will coordinate care whenever
possible. The health department will work closely with the primary care doctor in order to ensure
that all patients have the same level of care.
Special education programs are available to children in the Hernando County Schools. In
kindergarten, programs focused on physical education and hygiene are offered to children. By
the end of elementary school, there are special courses in immunizations and health. The health
department works closely with the schools to ensure that a proper immunization plan is in place
for all students.
A nurse aide is also required by law in many areas of the State of Florida. There are several
requirements that must be met before an individual can be assigned to a nurse aide job. Prior to
employment, an individual will be fingerprinted and undergo drug testing. The health department
will also conduct background checks and provide drug training for any individual assigned to a
nurse aide position. Individuals assigned to this type of position are required to maintain
certification through the Florida Department of Health.
A licensed dentist is also available to serve all residents in the state of Florida. Each dentist in
the county has been licensed by the state to practice medicine. This allows individuals the
opportunity to see a dentist that is a personal favorite. All individuals living in the Hernando
County area will be able to find a dentist that is on their patient list. Many of the dentists accept
insurance plans in addition to offering individual patients the opportunity to see a preferred
dentist. Finding a dentist that accepts your insurance plan is very easy and will allow you to get
immediate treatment if needed.
There are several other important services that the Hernando County Health Department offers
to residents in the area. Through the department, all residents in the area are provided free HIV
testing and counseling. If a resident does become infected with HIV, he or she must inform the
health department before beginning any of the treatment processes. The health department
provides one-on-one HIV counseling and tests for those who are new or aware of their HIV

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